Northern Arizona University Aquatic & Tennis Complex

Flagstaff, AZ
Construction Cost: $36.6 million
Area / Square Feet: 118,000
Occupancy Date: February 2016

The NAU Aquatic and Tennis Complex is the highest-elevation competitive 50-meter pool in North America. At roughly 7,000 feet of elevation, it is an ideal facility for high-altitude training. Swimmers from around the globe travel to Flagstaff to swim at this facility. To support these users, generous locker space, a training/therapy area, and ample deck space are provided. Twenty-one cross lanes maximize training for NAU swimming, while 50-meter long-course lanes are provided during times when visiting international swimmers are renting the facility.

Even though the construction budget was nearly $37 million, that still presented a challenge to build 120,000 square feet of expensive aquatic and tennis space. The design team proposed a pre-engineered metal building for the tennis pavilion attached to the aquatic center. Once the challenges of connecting the building and structurally isolating the two systems, the building was delivered on budget without reduction to program areas.