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Laramie High School Aquatic Center

Laramie, WY
Construction Cost: N/A
Area / Square Feet: 11,000
Occupancy Date: April 2017


The Laramie High School Aquatic Center has a unique spectator capacity unrivaled by other high school aquatic facilities in Wyoming. In addition to the large spectator area, the elevation above the deck and pool provides a top-notch viewing atmosphere for competitions. The pool’s unique bulkhead further allows specialty use of the complex, as the pool can be used by disparate programs simultaneously. More than any other feature, the variety of diving options sets this facility apart from other high school aquatic facilities in the state. There are six different diving board/platform options. Most facilities do not have both springboards and platforms, let alone such a large number.


Providing natural light to the natatorium was important so the design includes windows on the west wall. School colors and the school logo are incorporated into features, such as the scoreboard, lane lines, flags and decorative wall tiles.


Laramie High School is located in an area that gets quite cold during late fall and all through the winter. The construction process had to be mindful of the weather. The pool footings were dug early, but the rest of the construction process to finish the actual pool itself was put on hold. Natatorium walls were constructed shortly after so finish details could be accomplished during the colder months. A suspended floor was constructed over the hole dug for the pool to aid in the process of constructing building and deck finishes. The finishes and details for the pool itself were completed last. With a strategic construction process, the project succeeded on time.