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Gian Zumpano Aquatic Center

Miami, FL
Construction Cost: $3.5 Million
Area / Square Feet: 3,522
Occupancy Date: July 2018


The Gian Zumpano Aquatic Center was designed to serve the students. The budget was carefully considered through the selection of materials. The main materials used were exposed concrete and aluminum. These two materials emphasized the main purpose of the center, allowing water and light to become the centerpiece of the facility.


The design was based on a clean, simple and straightforward format using symbolism and purity of materials throughout, reflecting the schools’ faith. The exposed concrete detailing and overall design makes this project unique. The site imposed a challenge due to the water table level and the physical constraints of the site, which still manages to accommodate a 50-meter competition pool, a lap pool, bleachers and an auxiliary building


Beginning swimmers can use the small, narrow pool beside the Olympic pool to learn to swim, while swimmers competing in meets can use the smaller pool when not occupied to warm up and wind down before and after a competition. A window for spectators lines the narrow pool. It starts out wide on the north side then tapers down on the south side.