Lewisville, TX
Construction Cost: $46 million
Area / Square Feet: 33,600
Occupancy Date: October 2020

Thrive is a multigenerational facility born out of the purpose of providing a hub of engagement and enrichment for residents of Lewisville, Texas. This vision, as well as extensive feedback from the community, led to the reimagining of recreation services for Southeast Arlington. With sustainability, place-making and community-building as central themes, the new two-level facility acts as an ensemble of complex programs with both indoor and outdoor activities seamlessly combining social, fitness and recreation spaces.

The natatorium was designed to imitate the beloved Lake Lewisville. The zero-depth entry and sailboat-like play structures are an interpretation of the bay. The lifeguard lookout was designed to mimic a dock in both form and function.

Lastly, the play area opens to the lazy river and vortex areas, which serve as representations of the lake itself. A sculpture made of dichroic glass was installed to imitate the way light reflects off Lake Lewisville in an array of colors. The illusion creates soft yet playful hues throughout the day, ranging

from blue to orange and pink to yellow, delighting those in its glow.