Eastway Regional Recreation Center 

Charlotte, North Carolina
Construction Cost: $35 million
Area / Square Feet: 95,000 SF
Occupancy Date: September 2020

The Eastway Regional Recreation Center is the first of three new community recreation facilities to serve Mecklenburg County in North Carolina. Through a series of engagement meetings with local residents, the design team prioritized both a sense of energy and excitement that needed to be expressive in the design, as well as a clear connection to the history and cultural relevance of the Charlotte region. 

The exterior of the building is angular and dynamic, reaching upward to reflect a sense of movement and kinetic energy. The brick is treated with layers and textures to reinforce a sense of energy at the pedestrian scale, and windows are treated with brightly colored frames to add contrast and interest. The entry is scaled to amplify a sense of invitation that is reinforced once inside, where the central connector acts as a high-volume view shed to the many program-defining social, community and activity spaces. 

The undulating lobby ceiling picks up on the rolling landscapes that evoke the natural terrain of local farms, while a wood veil beyond the reception desk is accented with colors that reflect regional textile creations. This entry volume stretches from one side of the building to the other, organizing the main program elements with communal and social spaces such as a teaching kitchen, a nature center, a senior center and a sound mixing room on one side, with active spaces such as the fitness zone, gym and pool spaces on the other. 

Ultimately, the design team had one goal — to ensure that anyone entering the building feels welcome and has a clear sense of how they can engage with it.


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Indoor Sports Surfaces - Basketball

Aacer Sports Flooring

Pools - Sanitization Systems


Locker/Shower - Shower/Toilet Partitions

ASI Group

Indoor Soccer/Inline Rinks - Dashers

Athletica Sports Systems

Pools - Chemical Control Systems

BECS Technology Inc.

Fitness Center - Flooring, Fitness Center

Ecore Athletic

Outdoor Facilities/Stadiums - Sports Surfaces

Geo Surfaces

Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Lighting

H.E. Williams

Pools - Lighting


Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Bleachers/Grandstands

Learning Environments

Pools - Bleachers

Learning Environments

Fitness Center - Flooring, Aerobics


Indoor Sports Surfaces - Multipurpose


Indoor Sports Surfaces - Track


Outdoor Facilities/Stadiums - Lighting

Musco Sports Lighting LLC

Pools - Filtration Systems

Neptune Benson/Evoqua Water Technologies

Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Scoreboards/Timing Systems

Nevco Inc. 

Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Basketball Backboards/Supports

Performance Sports Systems

Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Divider Curtains

Performance Sports Systems

Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Volleyball Nets and Standards

Performance Sports Systems

Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Wall Padding

Performance Sports Systems

Fitness Center - Cardiovascular Equipment


Fitness Center - Free-Weight Equipment


Fitness Center - Strength Equipment


Locker/Shower - Lockers

RFS Sports

Pools - Access Ramps/Stairs

Spectrum Aquatics

Pools - Cleaners/Vacuums

Spectrum Aquatics

Pools - Ladders/Grab Bars

Spectrum Aquatics

Pools - Lane Markers

Spectrum Aquatics

Pools - Starting Blocks

Spectrum Aquatics

Locker/Shower - Flooring


Pools - Deck/Basin Surface


Pools - Water Play Features

Vortex Aquatic Structures Int'l Inc.