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Penn Squash Center

Philadelphia, PA
Construction Cost: $18.7 million
Area / Square Feet: 27,000
Occupancy Date: September 2019

When it originally opened, the Penn Squash Center at the University of Pennsylvania was widely regarded as one of the best squash facilities in the country. However, over time, the program’s needs surpassed the facility’s capacity. University administrators and coaches wanted to update the space to support the future of the squash program. After a year-long expansion and renovation, Penn’s squash courts are officially reopened to athletes and spectators alike.

The space was modernized and upgraded with improved circulation, creating a top-tier tournament venue for the university. The renovation provided 12 new courts, including two glass-walled exhibition courts, a tiered wood spectator seating structure and updated finishes, building systems and lighting throughout the facility. The newly reconfigured second-floor mezzanine provides spectators with unparalleled views of the game below. The Penn Squash Center now provides world-class players with the tools and facilities they need to continue the program’s storied 127-year legacy.

Exterior glazing was carefully placed to provide transparency into and out of the facility, which had been inconspicuous to passers-by previously, while preserving the controlled lighting environment required for competitive squash play. In order to blend new construction with 50-year-old brick, materials were used in a graduated, projecting pattern to create the facility’s unique facade.