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Havergal College Athletic Centre Renovation and Expansion

Construction Cost: $14 million (Canadian)
Area / Square Feet: 51,285
Occupancy Date: September 2006

The new facility replaced an aging facility that was proving difficult and costly to maintain and no longer met the needs and athletic goals of the school community. The existing gymnasium was renovated, the existing pool was renovated as a new fitness center and the balance of the old structure was demolished. The expansion consists of a two-court gymnasium above a new 50-meter pool, changing facilities at each level, a fitness center, common circulation space and three new classrooms.

The interior design incorporates the use of voluminous spaces with clear glass curtainwall to promote a sense of open space. Buildings throughout the campus have strong connections, including the use of natural stone, which was similarly used on the main exterior faces of the new athletic center. Rear elevations are finished with an EFIS stucco in subdued beige hues to blend in with adjacent stone finishes. Extensive use of glass provides panoramic views of a nearby wooded ravine and provides an abundance of natural light.

The new building was strategically located to attach to the existing building without encroaching on existing sports fields. The site also has a natural declining slope from the front of the new building to the rear, making it possible to keep all high-traffic areas within the facility above ground level.