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Haverford College

Haverford, PA
Construction Cost: $26 million
Area / Square Feet: 100,000
Occupancy Date: November 2005

The Gardner Integrated Athletic Center is a modern building informed by traditional elements — gabled roofs, a stone base and the warm tones of stucco walls — in the simple Quaker aesthetic of Haverford College?s oldest north campus buildings.

The facility offers three multiuse NCAA-regulation basketball courts, a fitness center, a fencing venue and a multipurpose room for aerobics, dance and yoga training. Team and individual locker room suites and an expanded athletic training facility also are included. Athletic department offices and a conference room overlook the main lobby and courts.

The large program is housed in discrete, dedicated masses, reducing the collective visual impact. A gabled roof of wood plank and slate shelters a high, glazed lobby, which forms the central circulation spine leading to the arena while connecting all major facility components. The squash courts and spectators? gallery occupy a highly visible wing with its own gabled roof and glazed corridor.

The LEED—-certified building, which integrates renewable and high-recycled-content materials, is constructed of 25 percent fly-ashcontent concrete and precast plank, recycled steel and materials transported from within a 500-mile radius. The site optimizes solar exposure and takes advantage of natural daylight. Hot-watergenerating solar collectors harvest solar energy, supplementing hot water requirements. Water-saving water closets utilize a collection of surface and roof runoff.