Frisco ISD Natatorium

Frisco, TX
Construction Cost: $8.6 million
Area / Square Feet: 38,871
Occupancy Date: December 2003

It was important to the Frisco Independent School District to create an identity for its sports facilities. That said, it was also important to ensure the look of the Frisco ISD Natatorium fit in with the district’s other athletic venues. Therefore, special attention was given during the design phase to the consistency of colors and materials with the school district’s football stadium, which neighbors the site.

Placing the natatorium next to the stadium was a strategic move that allows the facilities to share parking, cutting maintenance and initial construction costs. Another strategy that saved money by keeping the project on schedule involved constructing the facility shell first so concrete pump trucks could work inside to finish the pool during inclement weather. The bleachers were carefully designed to separate spectators and competitors.

Giving independent access to the separate bleachers through vomitories eliminated any need for spectators to walk across the stands. This is an uncommon feature in other high school facilities, and allows better visibility. Large windows located high on the north-facing wall provide soft, natural daylight, minimizing glare on the pool water.

While the facility is owned and operated by the school district, community use is critical to help pay operating costs. This added a requirement for a shallow end where water aerobics and swim lessons can be offered.