California State University, Bakersfield Student Recreation Center | Athletic Business

California State University, Bakersfield Student Recreation Center

Bakersfield, Calif.
Construction Cost: $17.3 million
Area / Square Feet: 75,130
Occupancy Date: May 2009

This new facility features a 34-foot climbing wall, a three-lane suspended track, a three-court gymnasium and a 22-foot-high TV tower with 24 large LCD screens that serves the main fitness area. Incorporated into the fitness layout are cardiovascular and strength training equipment, as well as a core strength area, a stretching area and a dedicated area for personal training services and assessment.

Seven multifunction rooms flank the principal athletic spaces that are furnished with specialized hardwood flooring, mirrors, padding and a sound system for a variety of classes including yoga, martial arts, aerobics and cycling. These areas provide the university with the ability to host a mixture of classes simultaneously while being adaptable to ever-changing user needs. Furthermore, the adjacency of the storage areas to the multipurpose rooms and the gym allow for quick adaption between classes and multiple court uses. The multipurpose areas may also be used for meetings or as classrooms.

The entry, athletic equipment areas and support spaces all spin off the two main elements at the heart of the building — the climbing spire and television tower — where sunlight pours into the space through a 360-degree clerestory window system. This open floor plan not only allows for a union between users and the outdoors, it also permits the staff to have a clear view of most of the fitness spaces throughout the facility, whether they are at the kiosk, control desk or in the recreation offices on the second level.