LaHaye Ice Center

Lynchburg, VA
Construction Cost: $13,545,000
Area / Square Feet: 83,015
Occupancy Date: October 2015

Due to the rapid growth and popularity of Liberty University’s men’s and

women’s ice hockey programs, the LaHaye Ice Center was renovated in 2015, a decade after its construction. The team of contractors and designers involved in the renovation project included personnel who were key players in the construction of the original facility.

The facility is the home base for three divisions of men’s hockey and two divisions of women’s hockey, as well as a figure skating team. Locker rooms and team spaces for coaches and players were added or reworked to accommodate each team, as were locker rooms for visiting teams. Associated spaces for a weight room, as well as athletic trainers and hydrotherapy, also were provided. Auxiliary office space allows staff members to be housed under the same roof. The renovation more than doubled the seating capacity of the facility and provided amenities to enhance the spectator experience, including two concessions areas and 10 private suites. Having the ice rink already in place required careful design of

the addition in order to visually integrate the structure with the existing pre-engineered metal building structure.

Apart from its primary function for athletics, the facility is also open to the public at times throughout the year for ice skating and private functions.