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American Bank Center Arena

Corpus Christi, TX
Construction Cost: $34.6 million
Area / Square Feet: 9,500
Occupancy Date: November 2004

The American Bank Center Arena,home to minor league hockey and NCAA basketball, is a multipurpose arena built on the bay in Corpus Christi at a time of major expansion to a neighboring convention center.The two buildings now share some back-of-house functions, resulting in financial savings for both. In addition,the arena uses meeting rooms for pre- and post-arena events, and the convention center can tap the arena for additional exhibition space when needed.

The arena’s architectural design represents a poetic response to the city’s merging of desert and sea.Limestone was selected to evoke the desert sands,while folding planes of glass suggest sea waves. Moreover,the large horizontal expanses of glass are tinted in different shades of green and aqua, and the panels angle alternately up toward the sky and down toward the water, capturing reflections of both.

From the exterior, one can see through these facades to concourses,stairs, escalators and public spaces.In profile, the building takes the form of a sculptural prism of glass.Vertical elements of stone rise from  a limestone base as counterpoints to the glass surfaces, which signal vertical circulation points while anchoring an otherwise horizontal composition.

Bright colors inside enliven the concourses and public spaces. Suites and VIP areas are located on the second level, along with a terrace offering views to the bay.