University of Texas at San Antonio Recreation and Wellness Center Phase II Renovation and Expansion

Construction Cost: $36.8 million
Area / Square Feet: 191,563
Occupancy Date: March 2008

In wrapping this large-scale addition around three sides of the existing building, designers broke down the exterior facades of all large-volume spaces into smaller facades more appropriate to the scale of the campus. The addition’s facade now manages to emulate the existing building’s aesthetics and rhythm. The original building was faced with a local limestone veneer and an exterior insulated finish system that did not have the durable properties typically associated with university buildings. To match the look, architects used the same limestone veneer and specified a high-quality plaster that would unify the addition with the original structure, yet last longer.

Inside, a four-court gymnasium is complemented by a generously sized weight room, both of which can be viewed from an elevated, 1/6-mile indoor track that winds through the facility, offering views of the gym, weight room, outdoor courtyard and pool. Lounge spaces and additional cardio areas are tucked into building corners for privacy.

A clean, spa-like atmosphere was achieved by using quality, timeless materials that are also low-maintenance. These include terrazzo flooring, solid-surface countertops and non-upholstered furniture items (stainless steel barstools, tables and chairs). Soft furniture was upholstered in Crypton® Super Fabrics or faux leather. The neutral, high-end look was accented with school colors in upholstery fabrics, colored bands on terrazzo, and on padding and striping in the gym, weight room floor and track.