University of South Florida Student Athletic Training Center | Athletic Business

University of South Florida Student Athletic Training Center

Tampa, FL
Construction Cost: $12.5 million
Area / Square Feet: 103,000
Occupancy Date: July 2004

The University of South Florida Student Athletic Training Center is home to USF’s football, baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, track and cross-country programs. It also accommodates the university’s athletics department and Academic Enrichment Center.

The building welcomes student-athletes, coaches, athletic administrators, tutors, members of the media and potential recruits via strategic placement of entrances and internal zoning. Whereas most building users and visitors enter through the main lobby at the south end, student-athletes enter through a dedicated entrance on the west side. They also can access locker and meeting rooms, training spaces and the second-floor Academic Enrichment Center without entering the administrative or media-relations areas. The placement of the press conference room and hall of fame adjacent to the main lobby allows these public spaces to operate independently of the rest of the building. Masonry partitions with an epoxy paint finish were used throughout the ground-level student-athlete areas to withstand heavy use.

The building’s commanding presence provides a memorable first impression to all who visit USF’s athletics quadrant, and the palette of materials and vibrant colors reflect consistency with the rest of the campus. Vaulted roofs highlight both the main and student-athlete entrances. Walls and columns were cast in full-color concrete and allowed finished interior and exterior surfaces to be fabricated offsite and simply set in place. These precast panels and columns include combinations of three colors and two textures to create a varied appearance at minimal cost.