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Spence Eccles Ski Team Building

Salt Lake City, UT
Construction Cost: $2,265,000.00
Area / Square Feet: 7,233
Occupancy Date: April 2017

The building envelope is a combination of masonry, wood rain screen, and composite metal panel. The use of masonry and metal panel are borrowed materials from surrounding facilities while the wood rain screen adds a new exterior finish to the campus pallet. The wood rain screen is designed and installed to allow air flow under the exterior veneer reducing moisture build up. This will help the specially treated wood veneer last for many years. The wood rain screen is also an aesthetic nod to the nordic and alpine buildings usually associated with skiing.

The interior work areas provide advanced mechanical ventilation and ski tuning stations providing the athletes, coaches, and staff the ability to work on the ski equipment in a safe, healthy environment. High performance building standards were implemented into the design to provide high efficiency HVAC and lighting and to help reduce energy costs and demands through the life of the facility.