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South Dakota State University Wellness & Student Health Center Renovation and Expansion

Construction Cost: $10.4 million
Area / Square Feet: 73,416
Occupancy Date: August 2008

The South Dakota State University Wellness & Student Health Center needed to be highly visible, accessible from different parts of the campus and provide ease of student circulation and movement. Mission accomplished, as the facility now serves as a centerpiece on the SDSU campus.

The newly expanded, two-level building blends seamlessly with an existing wellness center, as sleek and modern interior spaces take advantage of a color palette featuring blue, gold, dark brown and ivory. Warm wood finishes and stainless steel trim can be found throughout the interior. Many activity spaces are accented with nearby furniture and arranged to encourage small-group social interaction.

Heavy trellis structures, brick detailing and dramatic windows ground the building, with a significant emphasis on transparency. On every level and in every direction, patrons are drawn to the various activities within the building through floor-to-ceiling glass.