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Cyndi and Kenneth Long Family Football Operations Center

Columbia, SC
Construction Cost: $42.53 million
Area / Square Feet: 110,000 SF
Occupancy Date: January 2019

Described by the head coach as a “game changer,” the University of South Carolina’s Long Family Football Operations Center consolidates team functions into an efficient and cohesive “workman's place” that supports all aspects of the football program.

The building forms a complex with the existing indoor practice facility and outdoor practice field. The public enters the building through the main lobby, located on axis with the football stadium across a recently upgraded tailgating park, while student athletes and coaches access the building through a separate designated entry point near the facility’s main parking area. The building’s exterior takes cues from the adjacent indoor practice facility while giving the operations center a unique identity. Changes in plane between glass and masonry give depth to the elevations and create exterior balconies, offering views toward the stadium to the east and the practice fields to the west.

Active team spaces such as the weight room, training room, equipment room and locker room are located on the first floor, with team meeting spaces and offices on the second. Sequencing of key spaces create intuitive, efficient routes, leaving more time for training, recovery and instruction. Clean, contemporary interiors express team branding and culture. From the walls and ceilings to casework and lighting, the motif of strong angles defining the space reflects an aggressive athletic program.