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Supreme Sports Club Renovation

Columbia, MD
Construction Cost: $1.4 million
Area / Square Feet: 40,000 (total), 28,000 (renovated)
Occupancy Date: December 2005

Howard County’s first 24/7 athletic facility and swim center needed an infusion of new energy, and the design team answered with multiple solutions.

The Supreme Sports Club lobby was completely redesigned with all new finishes and casework, as well as vibrant colors of burnt orange, navy blue, goldenrod and deep celery green. An entirely new reception desk and lounge features new finishes that coordinate with the new color palette, and the same colors were also applied to an austere 200-foot-long corridor connecting various portions of the club at its lower level. Casework that provided space for folding and distributing towels was replaced by a room where laundry could be handled out of sight and towels dispensed through integrated wall openings.

Once the cosmetic changes were complete, structural floors were installed into existing two-story spaces. This allowed for the conversion of two underutilized racquetball courts into a children’s exercise area on the upper level and a new aerobics studio on the lower level. In addition, an existing free-weight area had an expanded exercise area installed above it. Space for cardiovascular fitness was also added. New windows were added to existing exercise areas that were devoid of natural light, and a new entrance was added at the children’s area.

A new marquis walkway improves the facility’s exterior image, as do all-new windows and storefront systems. Exterior metal portions of the building were changed from brown to blue, creating more harmony with existing exterior materials.