Liberty University Athletics Center

Lynchburg, VA
Construction Cost: $26,000,000
Area / Square Feet: 72,240 SF
Occupancy Date: August 2017

Liberty’s Athletics Center is a multi-use athletic facility designed for the holistic health, rehabilitation and education of student-athletes. The terraced, three-story structure was built into an existing hill that holds the outdoor track and soccer stadium with curves that match the terrain. To improve connectivity across campus and along the primary campus walkway, new elevated pedestrian paths and public spaces with spectacular views extend from the facility to key locations beyond the site. These spaces also help to bridge athletic and academic communities on campus, while connecting student-athletes with needed academic support services and spaces.

The atrium is the spinal element that connects all the different program pieces, positively affecting them with daylight and natural system flows, while allowing for spectacular views to the mountains. Strength and conditioning, sports medicine and training occupy Level 1, where the main lobby is located. These self-contained spaces have mezzanine projections at Level 2, where offices and the cardio room are located. The academic component, which hosts classrooms, offices, and meeting and tutoring rooms, occupies Level 2 to the east of the building, as well as all of Level 3.

In addition to supporting the student-athlete through spaces for academic study, strength and conditioning, and training, the facility celebrates wellbeing and place-making. Through the incorporation of biophilic elements such as abundant daylight, water features, interior vegetation, a green roof, and the rhythmic expression of natural materials, the building has become more than a physical expression of support for student-athletes. It provides a holistic experience for students, emanating wellness and uplifting body, mind and spirit.