Aquatic Adventures

Hilliard, OH
Construction Cost: 6.75 million
Area / Square Feet: 29,000
Occupancy Date: September 2007

Aquatic Adventures is a natatorium complex that accommodates competitive and recreational swimming, as well as scuba diving certification programs. The facility also includes a fullservice dive shop and retail area, a travel agency and corporate offices.

The building’s site flanks an interstate highway exit ramp to the east and a major roadway to the south, and the building is oriented to expose and promote the aquatic functions visible within. The exterior incorporates galvanized corrugated metal siding, stucco and synthetic stone cladding, and storefront entry systems are accented by the use of aluminum. The rooflines are curved to simulate waves, while exterior sunscreens and canopies reduce interior heat gain and glare.

The natatorium features a 12-footdeep scuba diving certification area with a skylight that simulates the effect of sunlight on water (similar to that experienced in open-water diving). An instruction bench with gas regulator equipment fills and supplements the oxygen tanks used in diving instruction. The natatorium also boasts stained concrete pool decks, ceramic-tile walls, an exposed roof deck and generous natural lighting.

The dive shop, retail area and portions of the natatorium ceiling feature suspended fabric panels, creating a cloud effect that animates the space. The 4,000-square-foot retail shop incorporates a large octagonal fi sh tank and a dedicated space for the repair of dive equipment.