Norton Healthcare Sports and Learning Complex

Louisville, Kentucky
Construction Cost: $43 million
Area / Square Feet: 128,570 SF
Occupancy Date: February 2021

The Norton Healthcare Sports and Learning Center is a landmark facility for the Louisville neighborhood of Russell, where one in three residents live below the poverty line. Once known as “Louisville’s Harlem,” the neighborhood is home to generations of Black-owned businesses, as well as the United States’ first public library open to Black people. 

After decades of disinvestment and economic downturn, the new facility catalyzed development and job creation, offering health, fitness and expanded community services. Located one mile from Muhammad Ali’s birthplace, the facility features a 200-meter hydraulic track and bleacher seating. The retractable track adapts for a variety of sporting and entertainment events, driving economic activity all year long. 

The project is the first phase of an ambitious 24-acre master plan to enhance long-term health benefits and learning experiences for equitable communities in West Louisville. Designed to be a national venue attracting people to Louisville’s hotels and restaurants, the multipurpose venue has a four-lane bowling alley and an interactive climbing wall. 

West Louisville is considered a food desert, and the retail space features Thornton’s convenience store that donates all profits to the Louisville Urban League. The green space plans to welcome food trucks and host a SNAP-accessible farmers’ market. The complex offers healthy food options to residents year-round with other health-minded amenities such as a community green with an event lawn, a dining patio, bike racks and outdoor table tennis. Programmed to provide comprehensive community services, the facility will host educational activities such as ACT/SAT prep classes, regional chess tournaments and an environmental justice curriculum.


Moody Nolan

Columbus, Ohio


Locker/Shower - Shower/Toilet Partitions

ASI Group

Outdoor Facilities/Stadiums - Sports Surfaces


Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Sound Systems

Danley Sound Labs

Outdoor Facilities/Stadiums - Bleachers/Grandstands

Dant Clayton

Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Bleachers/Grandstands

Dant Clayton

Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Track & Field Equipment

Gill Athletics

Outdoor Facilities/Stadiums - Track & Field Equipment

Gill Athletics

Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Bleachers/Grandstands


Indoor Sports Surfaces - Multipurpose


Indoor Sports Surfaces - Track


Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Lighting

Musco Sports Lighting LLC

Outdoor Facilities/Stadiums - Lighting

Musco Sports Lighting LLC

Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Scoreboards/Timing Systems


Outdoor Facilities/Stadiums - Scoreboards


Gymnasium/Field House/Arena - Wall Padding

Promats Athletics

Building Systems - Pre-Engineered Structures

Varco Pruden