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Platte County Community Center South

Parkville, MO
Construction Cost: $10.18 million
Area / Square Feet: 68,675
Occupancy Date: February 2005

Previewing the activity to be found inside the Platte County Community Center South is an entry plaza, which features curved rivers of colored concrete and bisecting landscaped islands, and is complemented by an outdoor water playground on the building’s sundrenched south side. In addition, spectacular views of the wellness center and natatorium are available through large windows facing the entry plaza.

Greeting all visitors is a large reception desk, which serves as the facility’s hub and control/security point. From this area, one can access a number of firstfloor amenities, including the wellness center and a multigenerational center, as well as child-focused spaces such as the adventure center, kids’ gym, indoor playground and child-care center. Opposite the wellness center is a full-size family leisure pool that resembles an indoor water amusement park, with its zerodepth entry, interactive spray features, water slide, lazy river and vortex.

Beyond the reception desk is a dramatic open stairway leading to the second floor, which accommodates a meandering 1⁄8-mile walking/running track providing views into all activity spaces, as well as out to the surrounding landscape. Other spaces on this floor include active (aerobics) and passive (yoga) group fitness studios, a massage and personal fitness room, and a library.

The rec center, a joint venture between Platte County Parks and Recreation and the YMCA of Greater Kansas City, incorporates the use of multidimensional curves in walls, ceilings and floor patterns, as displayed in the lobby’s terrazzo floor.