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Groton Senior Center Renovation and Expansion

Groton, Conn.
Construction Cost: $9.3 million
Area / Square Feet: 36,500
Occupancy Date: April 2010

In 2005, the town or Groton decided to expand its senior center. The project was designed to improve communication and increase opportunities for socialization between seniors, fortify seniors’ personal health, nurture members’ pursuit of new experiences and continued life learning, and increase interaction with the community at large.

Site improvements included 250 percent more parking, new entrance points and enhanced lighting. A drop-off lane serves as the public transport hub and is easily seen by all waiting patrons.

To support community interaction and multigenerational learning, a dining/entertainment space was greatly expanded and redesigned for social events. Resilient floor finishes, wall mirrors and exercise bars were all chosen to support physical activity. Featuring an operable room divider, the group exercise space can accommodate 100 exercisers or two concurrent classes of as many as 40 exercisers. The expanded fitness center includes three walls of glass, giving patrons a visual connection to the natural environment.

The building’s 1⁄10-mile interior walking circuit physically connects all of the center’s activity and social spaces, increasing interaction and encouraging walking participation. The entrance lounge, featuring a café and an informational kiosk, and the “Main Street” are the primary connective social spaces, binding program areas as well as people.