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Stouffville Clippers Sports Complex

Stouffville, Ont.
Construction Cost: $14 million (Canadian)
Area / Square Feet: 76,534
Occupancy Date: January 2010

"Not your typical metal-building ice sheet," was one judge's understated assessment of the Stouffville Clippers Sports Complex. Both the facility's layout — with unconventionally staggered ice sheets allowing for the insertion of a light-infused lobby at the building's public corner — and its creative use of a custom metal structure resonated with the judging panel. So did the use of expansive interior glazed walls that allow views from the lobby into both rinks, creating a more engaging experience for spectators.

Expressed as a simple box clad in a continuous belt of corrugated metal siding atop a masonry base, the design is distinguished by its finely tuned fenestration. Punctuated by a dramatic pattern of diffuse slot windows around the rink's perimeter and a double-height screen of clear glazing with aluminum mesh interlayer at the lobby entrance, the building responds to the needs for both daylighting and glare control. Designed for maximum flexibility, the project incorporates many systems and features that expand the functionality of the arena as a venue for multiple sports and large tournaments. One example is the multiuse rooms, expressed as simple glass boxes overlooking the rink spaces, which double as box seating areas.

It all adds up to an award-worthy facility, the judges said. In the words of one panelist, "The exterior and interior detailing of this complex successfully avoids the mundane box-like structures of many rink facilities."

Judge's Comments

The design is very successful in its off-ice approach to elevating the experience of spectators and participants.
Mark Williams

Wow, what an elegant exterior skin of simple materials — and inside, the lighting and daylighting makes you feel like you're outside.
John Dierdorf

With a clean, crisp materials palette and the strategic use of color, the interior is open and inviting. This project is a great example of how careful consideration and fine detailing can transform a simple box into a dynamic civic facility.
Darryl Condon