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Garside Pool and Bathhouse Replacement

Las Vegas, NV
Construction Cost: $1,656,604 (aquatics only)
Area / Square Feet: 7415
Occupancy Date: May 2014

The Garside Pool replaces a 40-year-old facility that served the local junior high school with a new diverse environment where many families can gather for fun and fellowship, as well as a welcome break from the scorching desert summers. The central focal point of the project is the water features. The former single pool evolved into three distinct yet interconnected areas: lap, recreational and splash pools.

The recreational pool includes a play structure with a smaller open slide, water spray elements and a tipping bucket, and gradually slopes from fossil-themed mosaic at the zero-depth entry point to a maximum depth of 2½ feet where it adjoins the lap pool.

The lap pool has four dedicated lanes for swimmers and includes a one-meter diving board. Pool depth ranges from 3½ feet at entry to 12½ feet at the diving end. The lap pool then transitions to the splash pool, which features a constant depth and is home to two tube slides sloping down from a single tower.

The main entry area to the Garside Aquatic Center ramps up to a central plaza that includes a working interactive water feature with embedded fossils highlighted in the concrete. Nevada’s geology is further emphasized by embedded fossils revealed throughout the foundation and retaining wall of the locker rooms.