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Constellation Field

Sugar Land, Texas
Construction Cost: $30 million
Occupancy Date: April 2012

The City of Sugar Land had high standards for the visual appearance of Constellation Field, as well as for its role in the community. First and foremost, the facility is a place for residents to come together and share in the national pastime. As such, it was critical that the building expressed the nature of its prime activity.

Crowds comfortably flow in a circular orientation around the field, and strategic sight lines allow fans to see the game well from any angle. Toddler play equipment, a splash pad, concessions and beer areas, and a grassy berm complement the field.

The building’s exterior materials add interest and enhance its Southwest appearance. The dominant material is a pepper light brown — a highly textured stone that is rustic and familiar to the region. The secondary surface material is a neutral smooth beige synthetic stucco, and the building volumes are capped by a shallow slopped metal roof that also figures prominently in the region.

The multipurpose stadium not only allows for high-level professional baseball, but also football, soccer, lacrosse, cheerleading and band competitions, as well as concerts, group outings and sleepovers.