Deerfield Academy Athletics Complex

Deerfield, MA
Construction Cost: $52 million
Area / Square Feet: 132,000 SF
Occupancy Date: October 2018

Set in the rolling hills of Western Massachusetts, the athletics complex addition meets four goals.

First, the addition significantly expands the existing sports and student life facility with new venues on a site tightly constrained on all sides, as well as by floodplain limits and strict height restrictions. Second, the facility looks to the future while respecting the historic context of the campus. Third, it creates a community destination for middle school and secondary school students who might not otherwise use the sports facility. Fourth, it connects to existing facilities and helps clarify their organization and circulation.

The solution stacks the ice arena and field house in a previously unconsidered north-south orientation, allowing the center of the addition to become a multistory lobby. This zone provides desired social space, an interior physical and visual link between the main campus and southern athletic fields, and open views into all new activity spaces, enabling everyone to participate in the action. Pushing the large venues west allowed a spine to link back to the original facility and formal entrance, with the construction of a bridge through the existing multipurpose room, connecting the entire complex.

Deerfield Academy Athletics Complex

Judge's Comments

“The barn imagery translated nicely to this warm, yet cleanly delineated design. Nothing is too fussy and the result is an inviting, contextual solution. It’s admirable in its restraint, relying on plain geometry and skillful use of proportion and solid/void expression.” — Tracy Carusi

“The exterior form’s reference to New England barns is handled very skillfully, as is the use of modern, but warm materials.” — Steve Chung