University of Toronto Mississauga Recreation, Athletic and Wellness Centre

Mississauga, ON
Construction Cost: $24 million (Canadian)
Area / Square Feet: 73,000
Occupancy Date: July 2006

Praised by the judges for its abundant use of sustainable design strategies and its integration into the University of Toronto Mississauga campus fabric, the Recreation, Athletics and Wellness Centre was described by one panelist as resembling ?a museum of recreation.? Designed as an addition to an existing athletics building, the facility features a unified exterior palette of large-format architectural block, pewter-colored aluminum paneling and clear glass that complement the materials of the original structure. Inside, bold colored glass and wood wall elements augment a signature concrete wall featuring playful apertures for viewing activities in the gym.

The facility maintains an overwhelming sense of openness and accessibility, with many of its spaces superimposed within a large, shared, three-story volume. A grand, slate-clad staircase rises through the heart of the facility, while large seating steps and generous landing areas encourage students and faculty to slow down, interact with each other and take in the various activities around them.

Judge's Comments

A lively ""staircase"" building of green roofs, skylit spaces and well-utilized colors and materials.
— Mark Bodien

Well-organized plan. Incorporates sustainable elements very well into the exterior skin and massing.
— Philip Laird

Impressive use of green roofs that not only contribute aesthetically, but are integral to the building's amazing 55 percent energy savings.
— John Kane