Piedmont Wellness Center

Fayetteville, GA
Construction Cost: $60 million
Area / Square Feet: 57,000
Occupancy Date: November 2019

Piedmont Healthcare, known for its first-class medical care, recognizes the importance of prevention and invests heavily in the notion of wellness. The company’s Piedmont Wellness Center is a perfect example. Designed to push the forefront of wellness and preventive medicine solutions, the facility combines a state-of-the art fitness and sports training facility with access to nutritional counseling and outpatient rehab services.

Located within the heart of a growing rural community, the project serves more than 5,000 movie industry workers every day, reducing the carbon footprint that would be created by commuting to and from the City of Atlanta for basic health amenities. While the location is centralized for use by Pinewood Movie Studio employees, the wellness center is open to all in this small, tight-knit community.

The facility acts as a place for holistic physical and mental health and wellbeing, and education is at the root of Piedmont's wellness philosophy. Test kitchens promote nutrition and classrooms allow for meditative teachings. A giant slide beside the stadium stairs allows guests to get in touch with their inner child as they navigate their way around. The center also offers everything from CrossFit and cardio, to weights and water therapy. In addition, the Wellness Center boasts 32 high-tech bikes in its immersive spin studio with a fully digital audio-visual experience to inspire riders to push even harder.

Situated adjacent to the distinguishing natural feature of Pinewood Forest, the active spaces are oriented to provide a connection to nature with maximum transparency. Structural wood decking is utilized in key areas to further that connection while environmental graphics blend the mission of Piedmont Healthcare with abstracted natural forms.

Piedmont Wellness Center


Judge's Comments

“A jewel-like building set in seemingly bucolic surroundings, this wellness center shines literally and figuratively. When you view it from the exterior, you immediately want to go in and explore. The interior color palette, mostly neutral with a few splashes of color, is very compelling.” — Tracy Carusi

"The design team’s restrained use of materials, careful and appropriate siting, simple forms and refined detailing result in a graceful and dignified building. The ethereal quality of light in this facility provides a wonderful user experience.” — Katie Barnes

"The planning overlaps different activities, and does it in a clean well-organized way.” — Steve Chung