San Jose State University Spartan Recreation and Aquatic Center

San Jose, CA
Construction Cost: Confidential
Area / Square Feet: 120,000 Square Feet
Occupancy Date: April 2019

The three-building Spartan Recreation and Aquatic Center resides in the southeast quadrant of the main San Jose State University campus and includes gymnasiums, three indoor basketball courts, a multi-activity court gym, weight and fitness areas, multiple classroom-style exercise rooms, an indoor running track, a rock climbing and bouldering wall, sports club organizations, locker rooms and offices and operational support spaces. The complex also includes a 50-meter competition swimming and diving pool, as well as a recreation pool.

The SRAC’s focus is to advance the ongoing education of students in the lifelong benefits of athletic activity in both a recreational and competitive format. The climbing wall, designed to mimic the crests of Yosemite, teaches students to learn about the skill, team building and trust that goes into the climbing culture. The wall also supports the campus’ Outdoor Adventure group. The MAC and three court areas provide education and training for a variety of recreational sports, including basketball, indoor soccer, indoor hockey, badminton, volleyball and other sports and activities. The various free weight and sectorized strength machine areas are used for individual and group training, as well as for providing instruction on weightlifting technique and safe practices.

The project's design gives versatility to a variety of spaces and creates an inviting environment for all levels of athletic performance and community use. High ceilings allow for an abundance of natural light across a variety of spaces for open or specialized activity. This natural light has been provided to as many spaces as possible to reduce dependence on artificial lighting and to emphasize the connection between fitness, wellness and nature.

San Jose State University Spartan Recreation and Aquatics Center

Judge's Comments

“Good fusion of graphic design and architecture. This project breaks down the scale of a large open space into smaller interactive environments in a variety of interesting ways. The organic ceiling element emphasizes an intuitive pedestrian flow throughout the project.” — Indy Dehal

“The thoughtful placement of branded color and graphics on the interior sets this project apart from other recreation center submissions.” — William Schenck