Meadowvale Community Centre and Library

Mississauga, ON
Construction Cost: $29.6 Million (CAD)
Area / Square Feet: 87,300
Occupancy Date: September 2016

The Meadowvale neighborhood has thrived since its conception as a “new town” residential subdivision in the mid-1970s. By 2014, the original community center had outlived its purpose, unable to serve a growing and increasingly diverse population. The reconstruction of the Meadowvale Community Centre was thus the first opportunity for the City of Mississauga to imagine its next generation of community facilities. This new facility salvaged the previous center’s existing pool and paired it with new, enhanced program spaces, including a library, a second therapy pool, an expanded gym and fitness center, and additional multipurpose spaces.

The building was conceived as a series of walls and terraces set into the existing landscape, taking into consideration the site as it relates to the city and nearby park. The new building creates a series of indoor-outdoor rooms at many different levels around its perimeter.

The bright central hall guides visitors through the building to the lake beyond. Bands of glazing provide views to all program spaces housed within, encouraging interaction, participation and accessibility. The facility’s barrier-free access and inclusivity through gender-neutral change rooms ensure that the diverse community will have a gateway to wellness, recreation and literacy for years to come.

Judge's Comments

"A work of art balancing vibrancy with natural and soothing materials. Creative use of the site to create a meaningful indoor and outdoor connection." — Kalman Nagy

"Well-crafted solution of building in concert with a challenging yet opportunistic site." — Keith Russeau

"This is a beautifully simple diagram that is executed by clean detailing and pops of color where needed." — Clint Menefee