Killarney Community Pool

Vancouver, BC
Construction Cost: $9.2 million (Canadian)
Area / Square Feet: 42,370
Occupancy Date: January 2006

Anumber of years in the making, Killarney Community Pool began life as a 1960s-era community center that added a gymnasium, fitness center, multipurpose space and a child-care center in 1999. This phase of the project encompasses three new pools and related spaces within a masonry, wood, standing-seam galvalume and glass structure that one panelist called, simply, ?very cool.? Extensive glazing on the north side of the building, with the colored glass panels marking operable windows for natural ventilation, allows for ample indirect natural lighting and takes advantage of both immediate and distant views. The natatorium?s slender rectilinear form, torqued to form a parallelogram, focuses the view to two prominent peaks on Vancouver?s north shore.

Judges also were impressed by the project?s European-style universal changing room. Whereas three equally sized changing rooms (male, female and family) are typically provided in a project of this scale, Killarney provides smaller, private changing rooms surrounding a large day-lit locker space that is open to view.

Judge's Comments

The colored glass in the large expanse of glazing provides a hint of playfulness that is reinforced with wonderfully detailed interior wood columns and roof structure.
— Tom Betti

The team used very simple solutions that result in wonderful space, daylighting and views of the mountains. The universal changing room is a great way to maximize space.
— James Meyer

The angular geometry of the plan and section complement each and enhance the large pool volume.
— Tom Scarlata