Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre

Peterborough, ON
Construction Cost: $12.5 million (Canadian)
Area / Square Feet: 63,000
Occupancy Date: June 2005

Shared by the City of Peterborough and Fleming College, the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre is, in the opinion of one judge, “a compelling building from every vantage point.”

Indeed, strong exterior forms — such as the sweeping gull-wing roof and its playful circular cutouts — unite with well-selected materials and colors to create a dynamic and exciting community facility.

Functionally, a space-efficient linear design enables the community and college to share program spaces, which are linked by a spacious main hall that affords views of all activities. This hall is accented with colored stucco planes and warm wood panels, an aesthetic tone that is repeated in the gym and pool.

Adding to the kinetic atmosphere are glass curtainwalls and translucent fiberglass panels framed by a simple, timeless combination of light gray and white architectural block and anodized aluminum panels. Such features make it difficult to contest the conclusion of one judge, who used a single word to describe the Peterborough center’s exterior: “superb.”

Judge's Comments

The lobby and fitness and track areas are all very open, with a lot of daylight and bright colors. The plan is well organized to accommodate the two different user groups.
— Philip Laird

Very striking form, elegant detailing and great use of natural light along the main hall space.
— J. Thomas Seymour

Exterior forms clearly express the internal variety of functions. The interior design is pleasant, calm and relaxing.
— Michael Woollen