Snyder Center

Andover, MA
Construction Cost: $30.7M
Area / Square Feet: 98,000
Occupancy Date: January 2018

Founded in 1778, Phillips Academy is the oldest boarding school in the country. Whether approaching from the north or south, the first feature that one typically sees is the historic bell tower, which sits at the south end of the main lawn. Traditional brick buildings surround outdoor green spaces, creating a formal progression of quads that define the campus.

The Snyder Center is one of the most progressive buildings of its kind. By designing a series of unique spaces that reimagined the 21st century athletic center, the open and inclusive solution is comprised of a series of interlocking, transparent and inviting student activity spaces. The result is a high-performance building that acts not only as an athletic facility, but as a student center and hub for student activity. In fact, the Snyder Center is the first net-zero energy facility in the country to combine its specific array of program elements.

The Snyder Center includes a 200-meter competition track, a 12-court squash center with an exhibition court, and recreation space. The facility will allow all athletic teams to practice indoors during inclement weather and provides a much-needed large multipurpose space that accommodates a variety of uses, including track meets, intramural and recreational events, and special campus and community functions.

Snyder Center Phillips Academy

Judge's Comments

“Beautiful composition and exterior massing. Fantastic solid-to-void ratio. Elegantly subtle use of material shifts to create design features.” — Nathan Harris

“The simple form offers a deliberate, skillfully executed solution — welcoming and timeless.” — Brent Tippets

“The elegant and subtle material selections allow for the strategic blue branding to pop and be highly effective.” — Andrew Kelly