Brampton Soccer Center

Brampton, ON
Construction Cost: $28 million (Canadian)
Area / Square Feet: 152,000
Occupancy Date: May 2007

Designed to accommodate soccer, field hockey and other indoor sports, the four-field Brampton Soccer Centre is sized and scaled to operate with four independent programs running concurrently, including trade shows and community functions. The building utilizes a language of floating interlocking planes that, by forming clerestory towers and hooded overhangs, comprehensively organize the site, create views into and through the building and its program areas, and introduce filtered light to the inside. The center can operate predominantly without electrical lighting throughout the daytime hours.

Linear strips of colored glass are used sparingly but dynamically throughout the building curtainwall to create a sense of motion and activity. Inside, glass, wood and corrugated metal are used innovatively to create a unique sense of place. Glazing and the use of laminated glass graphics create ?suburban billboards? for sport, with translucent soccer imagery bathed in ?Brampton Blue.? ?The strength of the architectural character and detailing,? commented one judge, ?lifts the images off the pages.?

Judge's Comments

Very strong site design and building plan. Beautifully detailed inside and out, with great use of materials and color. Overall, a tremendous project.
— Philip Laird

Wonderful selection of exterior and interior materials. Crisp and elegant design.
— Amado Fernandez

The interior and exterior composition form seamlessly — it is a functional piece of art.
— Frank Beans