Tragedy struck soccer practice at a New Jersey elementary school on Wednesday night.

According to the Associated Press, a bench from a folding table attached to a wall collapsed at a North Jersey school during a recreational soccer practice. Officials say the 108-pound bench made of wood and steel fell onto a 7-year-old Brendan Jordan, killing him.

Jordan was attending the indoor practice at New Milford's Berkley Street Elementary School. Like many schools around the country, folding tables are stored vertically along the wall and secured with a key. It is not yet known if Jordan had touched the table or bench.

"At this time, there is no evidence of criminality, nor do we know if the bench was properly secured to the wall," detective Frank Ramaci said in a news release.

School Superintendent Michael Polizzi said the table folds vertically into the wall and has benches attached to both sides. It is secured with a key. Polizzi said he didn’t know if it had been locked properly.

He said the tables have been in “good working condition,” and the school has never had a problem with them since they were installed about 11 years ago.

“It’s a tremendous loss for all of us, a shock for the family especially,” Polizzi said. “I can’t imagine the void the family will feel.