It's Opening Day at Milwaukee's Miller Park, and parking lots will soon be packed with tailgate parties. And where there are partygoers, there will be potty-goers. Lots of them.

Waste Management, the company that contractually provides the Brewers with temporary outdoor restroom facilities, is claiming a corner on the parking lot portable potty market. As a result, the team is discouraging fans from bringing to the game (and any other game in 2013) their own portable facilities - often strapped to the beds of pickup trucks - or contracting with vendors to bring facilities for them. "You can't work through a different vendor," Brewers spokesperson Tyler Barnes told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, explaining that such an arrangement violates the team's agreement with Waste Management.

More than 100 portable units are typically supplied on game days by the company, which is also responsible for cleaning them - something that can be an unpleasant afterthought among the BYOP crowd. In addition, permanent facilities are accessible through a stadium restaurant and the grandstand structure of a Little League diamond located within the Miller Park lot.

Paul Steinbach is Senior Editor of Athletic Business.