• Four Coaches Suspended After Altercation

    by Tom Kreager September 2018

    Anderson County (Tenn.) Schools officials have suspended four coaches after an altercation that took place following Anderson County's 55-21 rout of rival Clinton on Thursday night. Anderson County athletic director Gary Terry was suspended two games, Clinton football coach Randy McKamey and Anderson County assistant Russ Gillum were each suspended one game. Anderson County assistant Teddy Phillips has been suspended indefinitely from games.

  • SCOTUS Ruling on Gambling Could Be a Game-Changer

    by Jason Scott September 2018

    When the Supreme Court in May reversed a long-standing prohibition on sports gambling by overturning the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association, the world of sports may have been forever altered. After all, the anti-gambling stances held by the NCAA and professional leagues make much less sense in a world that sanctions gambling as the law of the land. In that world, sports organizations hoping to avoid the appearance of being "tainted" by gambling would have to vastly shift their strategies.

  • NFL Followed Lightning Protocol with Dolphins-Titans

    by Hal Habib September 2018

    The Dolphins, Tennessee Titans and football fans endured four hours of lightning delays even though there was only one strike within a mile of Hard Rock Stadium during Sunday's marathon.

  • FHSAA Discusses Reclassification Plans

    by Florida Times-Union September 2018

    The Florida High School Athletic Association is holding its athletic directors advisory committee meeting Wednesday, the next step for a reclassification policy that could dramatically reshape the sports landscape in the Sunshine State.

  • Redshirt Rule Change Helps Teams Get to Know Freshmen

    by Mike Barber September 2018

    One week into the NCAA's new redshirt rule, it's clear that ACC football coaches are using it to get their youngest players game experience. In 2017, 123 true freshmen played in games for ACC teams. Through the league's Week 1 games, 104 played, according to conference sports information directors. "We've got a group of kids that we say, 'Hey, these guys got a chance to help us win games this year. Let's play them now,' " Louisville coach Bobby Petrino said. "After the third game, sit down and decide whether we think they'll continue to play for the year or play one more game and then redshirt. Then we have a group of guys we feel aren't prepared right now to play either physically or mentally, but our plans were to redshirt and maybe play them the last four games of the year."

  • NCAA Defends Amateurism Rules in Court

    by Florida Times-Union September 2018

    Plaintiffs say the NCAA illegally restricts schools from compensating football and basketball players beyond what is traditionally covered by a scholarship.

  • Courts Not So Quick to Turn Away Trans Students

    by Paul Anderson September 2018

    Mack Beggs has won the Texas girls' 6A high school wrestling championship in the 110-pound weight class for the past two years. Mack would like to wrestle boys, but Mack was born a girl, and a University Interscholastic League rule requires him to wrestle athletes who match the gender on his birth certificate.

  • Southern Illinois University Rethinks Activism Policy

    by Andy Berg August 2018

    Southern Illinois University is walking back a new policy that would have made any political activism by student-athletes in uniform grounds for dismissal.

  • Ed. Dept. to Roll Out New Sexual Misconduct Rules

    by Victor Morton August 2018

    The Education Department is reportedly preparing a series of new policies on campus sexual misconduct that aim to protect the rights of the accused and to limit colleges' liability.

  • Athletic Department Bans Activism in Code of Conduct

    by Jason Scott August 2018

    Athletics officials at Southern Illinois University added language to its code of conduct policy explicitly banning activism for student-athletes, cheerleaders and members of the spirit squad.