Erb Park Pool

Erb Park Pool

Appleton, WI 2019

Project Description

Conceived as a splash pad to replace an outdated competition pool, Erb Park benefitted from a strong community support for a facility that would become more than a pool or a splash pad. The Erb Park Pool offers a competition pool with two diving boards and basketball hoops, along with an activity pool featuring amenities for youths, tweens and teenagers looking to develop skills and social interaction. A water-slide tower with two body slides caters to thrill-seekers.

The concessions and changing rooms are close to the entrance and toddler area, facilitating parental supervision. A tremendous amount of deck space is filled with inviting shade and seating. Small hills on one slide of the park provide an inviting expanse of green grass and newly planted shade trees. A band of open-sided shade structures and gardens between the competition and leisure pools creates separate spaces without adding fences or solid barriers. All of these "back to nature" elements are designed to make the park more than just a collection of pools.

Project Details

Architect: MSA Professional Services Inc.
Construction Cost: $7.5 million
Square Feet: 16,000 (water surface area)
Occupancy: July 2017

Filtration Systems - : Neptune Benson Inc.

Lane Markers - : Competitor Swim

Pumps: Pentair Commercial Aquatics

Water Play Features - : Vortex Aquatic Structures Int'l Inc.

Architect Of Record

MSA Professional Services Inc.
Appleton, WI

Associate Architect

Aquatic Engineer

Water Technology
Beaver Dam, WI