Eaton Area Community Center

Eaton Area Community Center

Eaton, CO 2019

Project Description

The Eaton Area Community Center is home to one of two Myrtha pools in Colorado. Since the project was not adequately funded when it was initially planned, the design-build construction approach was used to get the most value for every dollar invested. The design-build team collaborated to find the most economical building systems for the facility, and dynamic cost-estimating tools were incorporated throughout the design process

Subcontractors were involved in the evolution of the design to provide expertise and insight to develop more accurate estimates and help assure the district that the project would come in under budget. As a result of the team's cost-saving scrutiny, the district was able to allocate funds to add a slide, increase the size of the community events hall, and include two ballfields within the project scope.

Project Details

Architect: Barker Rinker Seacat
Construction Cost: $3.05 million
Square Feet: 8,000
Occupancy: January

Chemical Control Systems - : BECS Technology, Inc.

Filtration Systems: Pentair Commercial Aquatics

Filtration Systems - : Neptune Benson Inc.

Ladders/Grab Bars - : Spectrum Aquatics

Lighting - : Pentair Commercial Aquatics

Water Play Features - : Vortex Aquatic Structures Int'l Inc.

Architect Of Record

Barker Rinker Seacat
Denver, CO

Aquatic Engineer

Water Technology
Beaver Dam, WI