Veterans Memorial Pool

Veterans Memorial Pool

Walla Walla, WA 2019

Project Description

Cost was a particularly critical factor in the design of the Walla Walla Veteran's Memorial Park, as three bond issues failed in the 10 years the existing facility had been closed. By reducing the width of one portion of the new competition pool and refurbishing the changing house instead of building a new one, enough money was saved to not only achieve bond passage on the fourth try, but to construct a 3,000-square-foot recreation pool with a slide and runout.

Accommodating multiple users of various ages was a driving force behind the design. Large deck and green spaces, as well as shaded areas, allow extended families to enjoy time at the pool. The previous facility only offered a 50-meter pool, whereas the new one offers a 50-meter-by25-yard pool with cross-course lanes. Its deep end accommodates two diving boards, while the shallow end offers a multitude of programming options for all ages.

Project Details

Architect: BLRB Architects
Construction Cost: $6.7 million
Square Feet: 13,995 (water surface area)

Filtration Systems - : Neptune Benson Inc.

Lane Markers - : Competitor Swim

Pumps: Pentair Commercial Aquatics

Water Play Features - : Recreonics Inc.

Architect Of Record

BLRB Architects
Spokane, WA

Aquatic Engineer

Water Technology
Beaver Dam, WI