• ACC Votes to Propose Expanding NCAA Tournament

    by Luke DeCock May 2018

    While the ACC exited its spring meetings without any formal recommendations regarding the Rice Commission’s report on the future of college basketball, it certainly had something to say about the sport.

  • NCAA to Allow Championships in States with Gambling

    by The Salt Lake Tribune May 2018

    The NCAA is opening a door for states with legalized sports gambling to host NCAA championship events and officials in Nevada are already set to get in the game as soon as they can.

  • Opinion: College Athletes Should Be Compensated Fairly

    by Don Kusler May 2018

    College athletics at the highest levels is a profitable entertainment business and too many athletes sweating and producing for the industry are exploited and undercompensated. The system needs to change and an appropriate compensation arrangement should be enacted.

  • Why California Needs to License and Regulate Athletic Trainers

    by Jason Bennett May 2018

    California remains the only state where the healthcare profession of athletic training has zero regulation. In California, anyone can say they're an athletic trainer, and even scarier — act as one. Qualified athletic trainers are healthcare professionals who prevent injuries, provide injury evaluation and assessment, offer emergency care, and treat and rehabilitate injuries and illnesses sustained by athletes and other working professionals.

  • New Transfer Rule Criticized for Racial Inequality

    by Andy Berg May 2018

    A clause in a new proposal that would allow student-athletes to compete immediately after transferring to a new school is raising questions about racial inequality.

  • Five Things About the Alliance of American Football

    by Evan Barnes May 2018

    Will Memphis be ready for another pro football team? The city will find out on Thursday when the Alliance of American Football announces more details regarding the team. The AAF, created by TV and film producer Charlie Ebersol and former NFL executive Bill Polian, will hold a press conference at 1:30 p.m. at the Liberty Bowl announcing the team's coach and president. It's the latest league trying to take advantage of a football void in the winter and spring but with its rule changes and fantasy football features, it hopes to cater even more to the fans. The league will start play in February 2019.

  • Michigan State Trustee Calls for Culture Change

    by Jason Scott May 2018

    A member of the Michigan State board of trustees is calling for changes to policy and an independent investigation into the university itself in the wake of the Larry Nassar scandal that shook the campus community and the school’s leadership.

  • Knight Commission Calls for NCAA Reforms

    by Jason Scott May 2018

    On Monday, the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics called for changes not just to college basketball, but the NCAA itself in order to restore public trust in the body.

  • Former Duke Player's Mom: NCAA Like Slavery, Prison

    by Steve Berkowitz May 2018

    Kylia Carter, the mother of recent Duke basketball player Wendell Carter, unloaded on the NCAA and the current system for big-time college sports on Monday, equating the economic arrangement for athletes to those of slavery and the prison system.

  • Memphis to Welcome Alliance of American Football Team

    by Geoff Calkins May 2018

    Are you ready for another Memphis professional football team to follow in the sometimes dazzling and sometimes dubious cleat-steps of the Memphis Southmen/Grizzlies of the WFL, the Memphis Showboats of the USFL, the Memphis Mad Dogs of the CFL and the Memphis Maniax of the XFL?