• Building and Maintaining Effective Student Sections

    by Chris LaReau & Dr. Peter Titlebaum January 2019

    College athletics is in the midst of an “attendance crisis,” and student sections are not exempt. National championship contending programs continue to lose student support. Athletic departments must evolve their thinking on student sections or risk losing their student fan base. Following are best practices related to student section leadership, student engagement and sponsorship activation. 

  • UConn Addresses Ollie-Era Violations

    by Jason Scott January 2019

    The University of Connecticut on Friday announced that it would self-impose penalties for violations of NCAA rules that took place within the men’s basketball program under former coach Kevin Ollie.

  • High School Soccer Team Pictured Giving Nazi Salute

    by Andy Berg January 2019

    A picture of yet another group of high school student-athletes performing the Nazi salute has hit social media.  

  • Indiana Senator Proposes Prep Drug Testing

    by Andy Berg January 2019

    It’s no secret that professional athletes are subject to random drug testing, and now lawmakers in Indiana are suggesting the same for student-athletes at the high school level.

  • VHSL Mulls Banning Offseason Practices

    by Jason Scott January 2019

    The era of offseason practices for high school sports may be coming to a close in Virginia, as the Virginia High School League weighs a proposal that would eliminate them.

  • MSU President Engler Resigns Over Comments

    by Andy Berg January 2019

    Michigan State interim president John Engler has resigned following controversial comments he made about gymnasts involved in the Larry Nassar scandal.

  • Another Bill Targets South Dakota's Transgender Policy

    by Paul Steinbach January 2019

    A bill introduced Monday in the South Dakota Legislature would void the South Dakota High School Activities Association's policy that allows transgender students to participate on sports teams that reflect their gender identities rather than the biological sex listed on their birth certificate.

  • University of New Mexico Hires Risk Management Firm

    by Andy Berg January 2019

    The University of New Mexico has hired the Dan Beebe Group to help “foster safe work, educational and athletics environments” for students, coaches and staff.

  • Cheer Team Suspended over Racist Snapchat Video

    by Andy Berg January 2019

    The perils of social media are once again in full view after an entire cheerleading squad in Rochester, N.Y., was suspended over an offensive Snapchat video that was posted on Twitter.

  • Judge's Ruling Allows Suspended Player Back on Court

    by Jason Scott January 2019

    After a debate in which national media, state politicians and the leadership of the Alabama High School Athletic Association publicly sparred over the fate of Maori Davenport, the player at the center of the controversy, was finally allowed to play.