Last Thursday, the U.S. Olympic committee named top golf executive Sarah Hirshland to the position of CEO, according to the Huffington Post.

Hirshland is currently serving as chief commercial officer to the U.S. Golf Association and will become the USOC's first permanent woman CEO.

The decision comes several months after former CEO Scott Blackmun resigned due to health issues. Hirshland will take over from acting CEO Susanne Lyons.

The appointment has been made at a crucial time for the USOC, which has been widely criticized in the wake of the scandal surrounding former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar.

“As a female leader in the world of sports, I understand the importance of creating cultural change and I understand the importance of creating an environment in which athletes can be successful in their personal and professional lives, and I understand what it takes to get there,” said Hirshland.

Among the challenges now facing Hirshland, the Nassar scandal has brought about the resignation of the entire USA Gymnastics board of directors.

Acting USOC CEO Lyons said Thursday that victims involved in pending litigation were precluded by their attorneys from being consulted in the committee’s CEO search process.

“We hope that some of the victims will choose to speak to us on their own but we were not able to do that directly,” said Lyons.

USA Gymnastics plans to finish selecting its new permanent board this month.

Courtney Cameron is Editorial Assistant of Athletic Business.