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Trainerize Launches New Online Group Personal Training Feature and Redefines the Group Training Market with Joint Online Fitness Journeys and Social Motivation

Source: Trainerize

By introducing digital communities within the online platform, Trainerize allows trainers and gyms to facilitate online group personal training and start conversations that create stronger relationships between trainers and clients altogether

VANCOUVER, BC (Marketwired Sep 6, 2017) — Trainerize, the leading personal trainer software, today announces Trainerize Groups — the next step in online personal training that allows trainers and gyms to facilitate online group personal training and uses social motivation to enhance client engagement and create stronger relationships between trainers, clients, and their peers.

By adding online group personal training to their services, trainers and fitness studio owners can tap into a brand-new market and build their competitive edge, opening an additional revenue stream and the opportunity to train even more clients.

Like traditional group exercise class experiences, online group personal training starts with a group of clients — big or small — each with shared goals and preferences, but the similarities end there. Instead of simply following a set regimen of choreographed exercise routines, online group personal training clients embark on joint fitness journeys where they follow shared master programs that include scheduled workouts, periodized training plans, regular progress checks and assessments, constant access to their trainer, and ongoing peer support and motivation. All of this can be custom-tailored to the group's needs, and delivers a client experience that is both personalized and social.

Playing a large part in the online group personal training experience is Trainerize's in-app group messaging feature — the perfect platform for clients to ask questions, support and motivate fellow group members, share resources, and celebrate personal bests. Every video chat hosted, message, reaction, and photo sent, helps build stronger relationships between clients, trainers, and their peers and creates digital fitness communities that boost motivation and engagement.

The new programs feature, also just released, is key to making all of this possible by allowing trainers to build comprehensive periodized fitness journeys in advance, and automatically subscribe multiple clients to programs with just one click. Programs provide trainers with the ability to build niche offerings (wedding body bootcamps, pre/post-natal training, marathon prep training, etc.) that set clients up for long-term success and keep them training longer. Studio and gym owners will also benefit from the new programs feature through amplified member engagement and retention, and increased opportunities to upsell personal training services. Imagine offering new members a free in-app "Beginner Workout" program the minute they sign up at your studio or gym, so that you can start their fitness journeys off on the right foot, instantly engaging them with your personal training staff and motivating them to reach their fitness goals. 

"Working out with a buddy is more exciting than working out alone, and our new online group training feature combines the personalized experience of working with a trainer with the kind of peer interaction that makes online training even more effective," said Sharad Mohan, CEO of Trainerize. "Social motivation is the trigger that will give less active clients a reason to open the app more often if their trainer and peers loop them into conversations. Being active in the app can influence daily habits and potentially get clients to increase their training activity, which becomes a win-win for both trainers and clients."

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About Trainerize
In this digital age, working out is no longer connected to a physical space. Trainerize is an online personal training software that empowers fitness professionals and fitness studios worldwide to reach, engage, and motivate people, to change their lives for the better. Trainerize is making fitness more accessible by connecting more people to fitness professionals who can help them workout, eat better, and improve their habits. By combining online workout and nutrition tracking, meal planning, client communication, and access to the world's best fitness add-ons, Trainerize allows fitness professionals to focus on what they love to do most: train and motivate their clients.

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