Resilite’s Zip Mat Continues to Change the Sport and Receives U.S. Patent.

Northumberland, PA: Resilite, the industry leader in wrestling and athletic mats, is excited to announce the Zip Mat, using their innovative, Resi-Lock Connection System has been awarded a United States Patent, 10,081,952; for this unique mat connecting system. This patented connection technology is the first and only interlocking mat connection system available within the market.

The Zip Mat, first developed in 2014, eliminates the need for mat tape and locks together fast and secure to create a strong, water-tight seal. “The zip technology itself had already been well established”, explains Tim Bowers, Manufacturing Manager and inventor of the Zip Mat. “Our challenge was to develop a method to incorporate that technology into our manufacturing process in such a way that would result in a durable, tape-free connection that would not impede the wrestling surface.” The Resi-Lock Connection System is available as an added option on all new Resilite LiteWeight or DigiPrinted Mats. 

“One of the biggest expenses for wrestling programs is mat tape. Each time a mat is taped together it can cost between $20 to $30,” stated Paul Gilbert, President of Resilite Sports Products. “Resilite has responded to our customers’ needs by developing this new interlocking mat connection. Our Zip Mat has not only saved schools hundreds of dollars in money but has reduced the setup time it takes for practices, competitions, and tournaments.” 

“The Zip Mat quickly locks together in only a few minutes and creates a waterproof, secure connection of each mat section,” says Mathew Gilbert, National Sales Manager. “Our customer’s love the mat! It really is that simple.” Each mat seam using the Resi-Lock Connection technology, interlocks in such a way as to not allow water, cleaners, or other liquids to get below the mat surface and onto the exposed foam below, creating a mat that is easier to keep clean and disinfect.
Resilite’s Zip Mat continues to be the mat of choice for youth and high school programs as well as top collegiate programs and a variety of wrestling events and state championships throughout the United States.

“It’s exciting to be able to offer our customers so many choices when they are considering new mats. From our traditional two-sided Classic Mat to a standard LiteWeight mat, to the patented, tape-free Zip Mat, to our newest innovative DigiPrinted mats; Resilite is the only company that can provide every customer a choice of mat types and connection systems to fit within their budget. No other manufacturer has innovated the sport of wrestling in this way;” explains Jeff Baker, Vice President Marketing for Resilite.

The unique design of the Zip Mat with the Resi-Lock Connection System ensures you are getting a secure mat seam by interlocking the two mat sections together, creating a single, continuous mat surface. This type of interlocking connection is far superior than other tape free connections because the Resi-Lock Connection does not allow for any of the mat sections to become exposed to the athletes during use; creating an interlocking mat seam that is durable, water-tight, and secure.
The Resilite Zip Mat is the perfect solution for schools, universities, tournament organizers, and martial art facilities. The Resi-Lock Connection System is also available on Home Use Mats. Because of the quick and easy set-up, it is an ideal solution for home basements and garages or where a dedicated training room is not always available.


About Resilite
Resilite™ Sports Products is a world leader in manufacturing athletic mats and customized padding for a variety of industries, such as wrestling, gymnastics, cheer, law enforcement and martial arts. With nearly 60 years of experience, Resilite Sports Products offers a variety of athletic mats, wall padding, and sports products to meet a variety of needs for all types of athletic facilities as well as other market segments. For more information about any of the products offered by Resilite you may visit the website at: or contact them toll free at: 1-800-THE-MATS ( 1-800-843-6287 ). For more information about Resilite’s new Zip Mat with patented Resi-Lock Interlocking Connection System, visit

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