Source: FIBO

12 April 2013 -- Eight nominees in three categories were in the running for the FIBO INNOVATION AWARD 2013 on Friday afternoon. Now the winners have been announced. The nominees were products that represent an innovative development for the entire fitness industry. The prize was awarded in the Communication and Design, Health Promotion and Training Equipment categories.

Training Equipment CategoryThe issue of safety in training with heavy weights is an essential criterion for evaluation in the Training Equipment category. With its C.O.D. Machine, BILT by Agassi & Reyes met this requirement to an outstanding degree. Due to the ergonomic arrangement of the moving parts of the machine, users can experience an intensive yet safe training both in a sitting and in a standing position. It guarantees both a natural body posture and the safe and precise performance of the exercises at all times, which reduces the strain on the muscles of the back and neck. Thanks to the special IntelliLift™ resistance system, the training effect can be further enhanced. As a result, deep muscles are exercised at the same time - a unique effect not offered by other weightlifting machines.

In the reasoning of the jury, spokesman Dr. Jörg Schlösser, Managing Director of the TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH, particularly emphasised the dynamic mobility, motion management and the high degree of freedom allowed by the machine in performing the exercises. Thanks to this combination, the machine enables movements very closely resembling those performed in a large number of sports disciplines, he said.Health CategoryIn the Health category, LMT Deutschland AG was the winner with The Postural Line. In this product, LMT focussed on sensorimotor function, something not existent in this form before, jury member Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse said. The "Postural Line" by LMT is a system for measuring and exercising body posture. Thanks to its technically sophisticated, state-of-the-art central unit and software, an individual training programme to correct body posture can be automatically created for clients. As a result, the product has the potential to become a natural part of the postacute phase of a rehab programme and an established feature in the fitness sector, e.g. in classic cardio and isotonic programmes. The decisive aspect for the jury was the fact that in terms of sensorimotor function the product stands for maximum individuality by interlinking the test and training segments. Its combination of motor function, documentation, evaluation and maximum training planning is particularly innovative.

Communication & Design CategoryFitness trails are back in the German countryside. In the Communication & Design category, Ralph Scholz, designated Event Director and successor to Olaf Tomscheit, announced the winner. With its Whole body circuit: Outdoor fitness equipment with resistance pads, Stilum fitness succeeded against the Climbstation by Climbstation VOF. The equipment was designed in cooperation with sports physicians and caters for a variety of "performance levels" thanks to a rubber pad functioning as the diametrical resistance. As a result, it motivates people to exercise and allow short yet highly effective training internals. Furthermore, their use is self-explanatory and intensifies the training effect thanks to the special construction. This makes for a high degree of user-friendliness.

The individual stations can be freely combined and fit in perfectly with their surroundings. Individual combinations are also possible. Thanks to its low-key design, the Whole-body circuit is does not dominate the surrounding scenery. All in all, the innovation impressed the jury with its harmonious design and transparent and delicate appearance.

About the FIBO INNOVATION AWARDThe FIBO INNOVATION AWARD was presented at FIBO 2013 for the fourteenth time. The prize was offered by FIBO in cooperation with an independent jury of experts under the direction of the TÜV Rhineland Group and the FIT FOR FUN magazine. Members of the jury were sports scientists, sports physicians and journalists, among them Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse (Director of the Institute for Kinetic Therapy at DSHS), Matthias Lompa (MA in sports science), Heike Schönegge (journalist and author from Hamburg), Elmar Trunz-Carlisi (sports scientist) and Jörg Schlösser (Managing Director of TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH).