Source: Harbinger Fitness

(May 31, 2011, Napa, California) - Harbinger Fitness issued a voluntary recall of the company's Ab Strap (Style #371100) after two reported injuries while using the product.

The majority of Ab Straps were sold via internet retailers from 2006 through 2010. In April 2011, Harbinger Fitness contacted retailers that sold the Ab Strap to alert them to the voluntary recall and free replacement program. Harbinger Fitness is offering all affected consumers a free upgrade and replacement with the Harbinger Fitness Deluxe Ab Strap (Style #371000) in exchange for the recalled Ab Strap.

"This is the first product recall in our 22 year history, and we are taking it very seriously as we must ensure that all Harbinger Fitness products offer peak performance and exceed our customers' expectations," said Harbinger Fitness Founder and President Dave McCrane. "By undertaking this voluntary recall and free replacement program, we want to demonstrate our complete commitment to our customers, and maintain their trust and confidence in Harbinger Fitness as a company that stands behind our products."

Fitness retailers with questions on the Voluntary Ab Strap Recall program may call Tim Smith, VP of Sales at Harbinger Fitness at (800) 729-5954 or email Tim directly at Consumers that have not yet traded their Ab Strap (Style 371100) for a Deluxe Ab Strap (Style #371000) may call Harbinger Fitness Customer Service at (800) 729-5958 or email Harbinger Fitness customer service directly at Harbinger Fitness

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