Source: MAPEI

Deerfield Beach, Florida - MAPEI's national technical presenter, Sam Biondo, recently spoke at a three-day workshop for flooring inspectors held in Richmond, Virginia. Biondo discussed proper surface preparation and adhesive application with the 50 inspectors present from across the United States and Canada. The workshop was part of a continuous training program hosted by Inspect Solutions to update its network of independent inspectors on the most recent innovations in the flooring industry.

Inspect Solutions is a nationally recognized inspection service company providing independent certified-flooring and installed-product inspections for carpet, wood, laminate, tile and marble. In addition to providing independent inspectors for private and corporate clients, Inspect Solutions has developed a database that reflects trends in many aspects of flooring and installations.

Knowledgeable, independent flooring inspectors work to resolve issues that arise from flooring installations, providing owners, installers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers with details on any problem that may exist. This information can then be used to resolve any conflicts over the installation.

MAPEI Business Development Manager Kevin Carroll, who arranged for MAPEI's participation in the workshop, commented, "This was an important opportunity for MAPEI to work with inspectors who are charged with determining if there has been an installation failure and what may have contributed to it. We concentrated on the new multi-characteristic adhesives that are used for moisture barriers as well."

Ron Gould, CEO of Inspect Solutions, said the group gained a lot from Biondo's presentation: "Sam gave an excellent presentation at our Inspect Solutions Educational Seminar. It was one of the most talked-about presentations by the inspectors, who felt that the information he presented was invaluable. Sam gave an excellent presentation, making it professional, entertaining, interesting and informative."

In addition to speaking engagements, members of the MAPEI Technical Services Department conduct seminars and workshops for industry professionals at the MAPEI Technical Institute in Deerfield Beach, Florida, and its branches located in Texas, California, Illinois, Georgia, Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia.

About MAPEI MAPEI Group, with 66 subsidiaries including 63 plants in 31 countries, is today the world leader in the manufacturing of adhesives and complementary products for the installation of all types of floor and wall coverings. The company also specializes in manufacturing other chemical products for building, including waterproofing products, special mortars and admixtures for concrete, products for the restoration of ancient buildings, and special decorative and protective coatings.

Eighteen MAPEI manufacturing facilities are located in the Americas, with headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Florida. MAPEI is an environmentally conscious manufacturer - the company has been a member of the U.S. Green Building Council since 2001 and a member of the Canadian Green Building Council since 2008. MAPEI Americas is a registered provider to the AIA/CES program and also offers training related to ceramic and stone tile, floor coverings and concrete repair through the MAPEI Technical Institute. The Quality Management Systems of the majority of MAPEI Americas facilities are ISO 9001 certified. Visit for technical data or call 1-800-42-MAPEI (1-800-426-2734) for the nearest location.