Ramuc pool paint is pleased to offer a complimentary ‘paint chip’ analysis for pool facilities or any pool professional about to embark on re-painting a pool, water slide, fountain or pond. In order to determine the best product to use when painting a pool, it is essential to know what product(s) are currently on the surface to ensure a successful paint job.

Ramuc makes it easy for pool professionals by asking them to simply submit a small paint chip from the surface to the RAMUC lab who will analyze the sample, provide a detailed report of the types of paints on each of the layers. The results include the type of coating(s) that reside on the pool, image dissection showing the layer(s) and types, recommendation for coating to use as well as recommendations for surface preparation to remedy any existing issues and the best product to use. RAMUC understands that choosing a pool paint can be expensive and costly if the wrong product is chosen or if the surface is not prepared properly and therefore decided to offer this service free of charge. Analysis provided within 72 hours.